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Euro Drone Inspections

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In a rapid developing market of UAV / Drones / RPAS , Euro Drone Inspections, can make the difference. With many years of experience in Plant & Civil Maintenance, IT , and RC controlled planes with FPV we can offer our customers the best solutions. Until recent, carrying out inspections at high altitude and/or hard-to-reach places was only possible using scaffolding, rope access or work platforms. This time consuming and costly work can be done different now. Bridges, reactors, buildings, but also large plants can now be examined external & internally with our drones. The industrially manufactured aircrafts are certified and designed for the professional market. They are very reliable, safe and particularly suitable for recordings up to 150 meters high. Our pilots are certified to the highest standards and work according to certified procedures. The drone can be used almost everywhere and is airborne within 5 minutes . Through the use of electric engines, they are reasonably quiet and environmentally friendly. The unit is digitally controlled from a ground station with GPS support. A video link makes live-view possible if necessary. Some examples of applications: - Inspection of plant equipment such as tanks, chimneys, reactors and other structures. - Internal inspection of storage tanks and steam-vessels. - Inspection of windmills and high-voltage pylons. - Inspection of constructions such as bridges, facades, roofs and church towers. - Aerial photography of buildings, plots and companies. All HD photography and HD video recordings are royalty-free and handed over to our customers.